SkyWorks Announces Q3 2022 Activities

SkyWorks Holdings today announced transactions and activities performed during Q3 2022 for its Leasing & Asset Management and Investment Banking & Advisory Groups.


Leasing & Asset Management Group activities included the following:

  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged the lease placement of one A320 aircraft to Chair Airlines.
  • On behalf of an institutional investor client, SkyWorks arranged the lease placement of one A321neo aircraft to a Europe-based charter & ACMI carrier.
  • On behalf of a US-based investor, SkyWorks arranged the sale of one A320 aircraft, one A320 airframe, and extended the lease of two V2500 engines with United Airlines.
  • On behalf of Hamburg, Germany-based HEH Fonds, SkyWorks arranged the sale of two ex-Flybe E175 aircraft to Beautech Power Systems.
  • SkyWorks continued its role as backup servicer for a large financial institution in respect of certain portfolio assets.



Investment Banking & Advisory Group activities included the following:

  • SkyWorks was retained by a North American low-cost carrier to provide fleet-related advisory services.
  • SkyWorks completed an assignment with an Asia-Pacific flag carrier to provide fleet-related advisory services.
  • SkyWorks continued to advise Spirit Airlines in connection with sale and leaseback financing of its 2023 A320neo deliveries.
  • SkyWorks continued to provide fleet-related advisory services to a North American network carrier.
  • SkyWorks continued to provide aircraft and engine sourcing related advisory services to an EMEA flag carrier.
  • SkyWorks continued to advise a North America-based leasing company on aircraft order book-related advisory services.



About SkyWorks Holdings, LLC:

SkyWorks provides a full complement of leasing, investment banking and advisory services exclusively dedicated to commercial aviation. We specialize in aircraft lease origination and provide a full set of aircraft and lease management services for airlines and investors. SkyWorks is also a premier advisory and investment banking firm with key activities including financing arrangement, order campaigns, restructuring advisory, and network and fleet advisory. Our track record encompasses over 10% of the global commercial aircraft fleet.

SkyWorks operates globally with offices in Greenwich, CT., Dublin, and Singapore, with headquarters located at 283 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT. 06830, Tel. +1 (203) 983-6677



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