Leasing & Asset Management

SkyWorks’ experienced management team specializes in aircraft lease origination and provides a full set of aircraft and lease management services for airlines and investors in the aviation industry. The SkyWorks team is highly experienced in all facets of aircraft leasing. We invest in commercial aircraft on lease to airlines around the globe. Our leasing platform is designed to actively acquire commercial aircraft, service the aircraft through the lease term, manage risks and monetize assets to enhance returns for our investors. We have managed over 150 aircraft through multiple market cycles and are experienced in the narrowbody, widebody, and regional aircraft segments of the market.

Aircraft Leasing

The SkyWorks team is proficient and active in all facets of aircraft leasing. We actively acquire commercial aircraft on lease to airlines around the globe, service the aircraft through the lease term, manage risks, and monetize assets to enhance returns for our investors.

Aircraft Remarketing and Trading

SkyWorks has remarketed and traded over 400 commercial aircraft on behalf of various institutional investors. We routinely monitor market trades and comparative deal data points, which enables us to gather real-time market intelligence. We also leverage our established relationships to employ a proactive trading strategy based on our insight of aircraft deployment trends and long-term market dynamics.

Technical Advisory

SkyWorks technical aircraft management advisory encompasses an entire range of services such as contract management, billing and collecting lease payments, portfolio surveillance and monitoring, maintenance, inspections, aircraft return conditions, and re-delivery, maximizing the value of end-of-life aircraft such as freighter conversions and teardowns.

Investor Services

SkyWorks offers a full-service, worldwide asset management platform that provides investors with turnkey access and expertise in the commercial aviation industry to maximize risk-adjusted returns. Our best-in-class investment analysis, supported by proprietary analytical tools, complements our strong lessor and industry relationships that provide access to off-market portfolio purchases not broadly available to financial investors.

SkyWorks operates globally with offices in Greenwich, Dublin, and Singapore.

Founded in 2002, SkyWorks provides Leasing & Asset Management and Investment Banking & Advisory Services exclusively for the aviation industry.

  • One-stop platform covering all phases of aircraft management and remarketing

  • Over 400 aircraft remarketed and traded

  • More than 150 aircraft managed

  • Portfolio and M&A-related evaluation on over 3,250 aircraft

  • Successful track record with both popular and challenging aircraft types including 737NGs, 747s, A320s, A330s, ERJs, and MD80s

  • Sales and leases to "non-traditional" aircraft operators such as governments, corporations, and non-profits

  • Comprehensive airframe and engine technical advisory capabilities

  • Proprietary analytical tools, tailored to aviation-related investments